Monday, February 25, 2008

Where, exactly, is the real world?

Among other odd pages in DariaWiki is one on "reality crossovers," fanfics in which Daria or a comrade appears in the real world that we inhabit. If you happen to remember a story like this, by all means add it to the list on that webpage.

I was also mulling over the crossover page, trying to remember other fandom media in which Daria & company appeared. There was a scene in which a cartoon character received an electric shock, causing him to briefly change appearance. A friend laughed at him and said, "You looked just like Daria!" Anyone recall what that was from?

Christ Oliver has used some tiny Daria & Jane cameos in his comics, "Luann" had a strip in which someone was shown with a Daria T-shirt, and a web cartoon about "mall rats" showed the Fashion Club walking by (actually images by the immortal Liliane Grenier, lifted from Outpost Daria). Anyone have knowledge of any other such crossovers using Daria characters?

A lot of short subjects are on my mind tonight. We'll start with these and go on from there. Any help is appreciated. Cheers.

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