Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Presidents Day, with Kevin Washington!

This is Kevin Washington, the almost unknown younger brother of our first president. He attempted to catch a cannonball at the Battle of Yorktown ("I be-ith the QB!") and immediately won a posthumous place in that year's Darwin Awards, even though Charles Darwin hadn't even been born yet.

Enough boring history. On with the overdue fanfic list!


* Contains mature content. Brace yourself.

More later. Have a great Prez Day Party!


MMan said...

Ah, Presidents' Day!

You know that 147 years ago today Jefferson David was sworn in as the first (and, as it turned out, last) President of the Confederate States of America?

I'll bet that's not why it's celebrated, though.

E. A. Smith said...

Fortunately, those of us in the South have our own day to celebrate Jefferson Davis.