Saturday, February 2, 2008

Time to Update the Art, Yo!

Fan art of interest on PPMB:
Two Iron Chefs of the artistic persuasion, everyone invited:
  • Iron Chef: Calling All Artists (Part 2): Cyde wants illustrations of what male characters on Daria would look like if they had been born female. Interesting results.
  • Iron Chef: Draw Kyle Armalin!: You can also post a photo of what you think he looks like, if you know of a screen actor or whoever. Also producing interesting results, with a bit of humor. Is that Urkel? (Hee hee hee.)
I be postin' more to my homies from my crib on the east side, yo! Peace out!

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legendeld said...

See this is what I was saying below.
I didn't even know acidgirl had done that picture.