Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dariaverse to Dariaverse at Full Throttle

For the sake of something weird to do, I've been collecting notes on a thing called a "Dariaverse Crossover," which of course is destined to get stuck into the DariaWiki. It's a type of fanfiction that's exactly what it sounds like: Daria crossed over with Daria. Characters from one Dariaverse somehow make their way to another Dariaverse, and lots of chaos results. The archetypal story would be "Illusions," but Brian Taylor's "Through a Closet, Darkly" predates that story by quite a bit. The idea began with Daria folk going from the canon Dariaverse to a new one of the author's invention, but has also grown to include characters from one author's Dariaverse going into another author's Dariaverse. The idea can become very complicated and dramatic, as seen in Richard Lobinske's "Three."

Other than the above stories (and "Guys' Night Out"), can anyone think of any other Dariaverse Crossover stories? I'm trying to compile a list and am coming up short. Thank you for your help!

LATE ADD: Just remembered Lycissa's "Second Chances" and "End of the Line." Any others? Any older ones? My brain is empty.


the nightgoblyn said...

The EDV thread had a couple of cross-dimensional elements.

Scissors MacGillicutty said...

The end of "Where's Mary Sue": all "universes," not just the Dariaverses, are part of one universe, which is the same as the one we live in; the difference is that fictional characters are possibilities rather than actualities. (Good grief, I actually explained it in a single sentence that makes sense...)

"In Dreams": every Dariaverse is only a book in Borges' Library of Babel, and somehow one of the Darias has gotten into Borges' (infinite or endlessly repeating) library. I should pick that one up one of these days.

Anonymous said...

The Sidhe's fic where Kyle Armalin goes back in time/across dimensions to Richard Rawlings' universe is a good example.

medea42 said...

The Slacker Within, which was a crossover/Mary Sue/involved dimension crossing - by me, medea42