Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's Deva Vu All Over Again!

To celebrate the appearance of a DariaWiki page on Real Person Fiction (as it applies to Daria fanfic) and another page on Reality Crossovers, we bring you Monica and Bill from the previous decade. As always, you are free to add more material for the betterment of all. Dr. Mike, Richard Lobinske, Brother Grimace, and more have done yeoman work adding even more encyclopedic pages.

The Daria Fan Club is up to 695 fans. Weird that I never heard of this spot. Does anyone have any personal experiences to share about this website?

Speaking of that, a website has appeared during my searches called The Daria Fans Press Room, dating from 2006. Anyone know anything about this one? Phone and fax numbers are included. LATE ADD: Ah, found it. This was started by Fr. Martin and is described on PPMB here. I had forgotten all about it. Now also added to the Daria-on-DVD links at left.

Just discovered a plethora of MySpace groups devoted to Daria. One has thousands of members. I will post these in the left column under their own group heading. Wow.

LATE ADD: MySpace Groups now added. Not sure how much use they will be, but hey, it sure can't hurt. Sure are a lot of them. More shortly.

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