Sunday, May 4, 2008

Go Ask Stacy Alice

Today is also the 156th birthday of Alice Liddell (rhymes with "fiddle"). She went on a boat ride as a young girl with the Rev. Charles Dodgson, who told Alice a story that she begged him to write down. And so he did, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was born, and later Through the Looking Glass. Both stories have had an impact on Daria fanfic.

UK Derefcon 2008 is in full riot for a second day in a row. Dublin is in ruins and the Daria Horde is rampaging across green and pleasant England once more. Molly Malone seems to have had a good time with the Horde, however.

More news after I wake up.

LATE ADD: Sort of awake now. Um, updates . . .


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