Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day: A Girl in Trouble

"You got to help me. Lincoln's going to make me recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Call him off!"

Memorial Day begs for Daria's help in this blurry screencap from "Depth Takes a Holiday," probably my favorite Daria episode because of the awful can of worms (or wormholes) it opens up. Wonderful for fanfic.

This May 26th is especially important because it is the birthday of Ward Cunningham, who developed the first wiki. Yes, we have DariaWiki and Wikipedia and more thanks to him. Thanks, dude! This is also the 101st anniversary of John Wayne's birth, he whose commemorative coins Jake Morgendorffer collected in "Camp Fear," and the 144th anniversary of the day Montana (of the Montana Cabin Fund) became a territory of the USA.

More as the day progresses.

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The Angst Guy said...

Is that a grave marker she's carrying around? Looks like a bodyboard for surfing. Anyone have a clearer picture of her?