Friday, May 2, 2008

A Racy Day at the Races

You know, the more I look at this picture, the more disturbing it becomes. Just trying to image the kind of roleplaying that goes along with Jake riding his filly to the finish line at The Oaks, and the kind of celebration they have afterwards, and what Helen is really wearing (or not) under that costume . . . it makes me feel like I will never be clean again. Bad dirty! Bad dirty! Ugh! Eww!

But that's why I'm here, and that's why you're here, too. Bad dirty is good to share.

On DariaWiki, Brother Grimace has written about Defender Rings, which are not birth-control devices.

New art is out!
London falls beneath the Vegemite heel of Deref the Oz Barbarian. Oh, the humanity!

And Mike Xeno has started a conversation about Irredeemable Daria Characters. I have some thoughts on this but have to go to bed. More soon. LATE ADD: I've had my say on the topic, now. Post your thoughts as well!


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