Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Most Unusual Flight

It is the rule to give the Wright Brothers their place in history for the first powered flight, but they were not the first to fly by gliding. There is evidence that as long ago as 215 years past, today, a Spanish inventor named Diego Marín Aguilera made a brief but amazing flight using a homemade glider. Flight in the 1790s! Good pivot point for an alternate-history story.

Today is an unusual day for sure, as it is also the anniversary of the 1919 general strike in Winnipeg, during which almost everyone in every job in the city left work and stayed gone. Now, that is just sheer awesomeness. Beats heck out of "Lucky Strike." And we wish Las Vegas a happy 103rd b-day, too. Keep on rollin'! ("I'll take the Vegas odds on that one." - Daria in "Quinn the Brain.")

Kara Wild is now one-third of the way along her quest to become both Amy Barksdale and Helen Morgendorffer in one body. Will there be room for party-girl Rita? Stay tuned!

Deref the Formerly Plague-Ridden Barbarian has now captured top-secret equipment that puts all England under his control. He says he plans to have the island nation dismantled and brought to Australia, where it will be reassembled in his backyard by the patio. Speaking of Oz, today is the birthday of L. Frank Baum. Daria had a number of Oz references in it (e.g., "College Bored," "Fire," "Lucky Strike," Daria's Inferno game), and fanfics have even more, though they are hard to find.

Fanfic author Brandon League has been convicted of necromancy and corpse thread abuse after resurrecting the three-year-old Iron Chef, "I guess it runs in the family." PPMB moderators ruled that Brandon's punishment will be to read the new postings there. An appeal will be filed.


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