Thursday, May 1, 2008

May First, and here are the headlines. . . .

Today is May Day, a day so special that you may as well click the link to read about it, as it would take too long to rant about it here. Spring is in the air, at least in the Northern Hemisphere in this area, and soon Stacy will come out of her cocoon and be a Stacy butterfly! Just kidding. She'll still be a spineless caterpillar. Kind of a gross picture, yeah, but it's Stacy and no one really cares.

All sorts of important things happened today in history, but there's barely more than an hour left in the day and I was too busy to do anything online, so just forget it.

Tomorrow is The Oaks, which is so important a race that all the schools in town are canceled (not a joke, they really are), and the day after that is The Derby, which has a bit less class than The Oaks but is more popular and better attended. I am not going to either, because I live here and have better things to do.

More later once I think of more to say. Need something Daria-ish here. Hmmm.

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