Friday, May 30, 2008

Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt

Today is the feast day for Saint Joan of Arc, but we've already discussed Ms. Arc's trouble-filled rise to sainthood in an earlier posting. Today is also the anniversary of the first running of the Indianapolis 500, but we've already covered the Indy here, and we've also shown a picture of Andrea as the statue of Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., which was dedicated long ago on this day.

Today is the birthday of M. J. Pollard! Oh, wait. That's Michael Pollard, the actor, not the renown webmaster of Outpost Daria, Martin Pollard. Rats. Skip that.

Ah, here we go! Mel Blanc was born long ago today. He provided the voices of many many many many many Warner Brothers cartoon characters, plus Woody Woodpecker, also already discussed . . but not Daria. Damn.

Sorry, there isn't anything Daria-ish about today. Maybe someone else knows of something so I have something less bogus to post next year at this time. Have your people call my people.


E. A. Smith said...

I went to see the Indy 500 when I was a kid. It's interesting for the first five minutes or so, but after that, it's just a bunch of cars zooming by every now and then. Unless you're lucky enough to be seated right in front of a crash, of course, but I wasn't.

The Angst Guy said...

The Derby is a much better class of racing. Louisville is a bit snobbish about that. We get dressed up and have fun drinks and the women wear big interesting hats, and we watch races all day long, each one a thrill.

Or so I hear. I can't stand the Derby.

UU said...

Andrea as the state of Lincoln? Surely she isn't that big! ;))

The Angst Guy said...

Andrea as the state of Lincoln? Surely she isn't that big! ;))