Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jane: Which end is the warhead?

This grainy photograph shows Jane and Daria hard at work on the most powerful nuclear weapon ever invented, Tsar Bomba (not a song by Richie Valens), which was developed by the brilliant Russian physicist and later noted dissident and Nobel Prize winner, Andrei Sakharov. He was born only 87 years ago today. Today is also the birthday of Mr. T and the American Red Cross, but let's face it, Tsar Bomba was pure undiluted awesomeness. Fifty megatons in one shot. Whoa, momma!

DariaWiki has been aided recently by the likes of Nighthawk, Dr. Mike, Legendeld, Ranchoth, Brother Grimace, Quiverwing, and others. Thank you all!

Deref the Globetrotting Barbarian is once again home, awaiting the first shipment of the entire British Isles to arrive by UPS any day now. Bravo, well done, and three cheers!

Two fan artworks of sheerest mega-awesomeness: Old Friends, by S.C., and Jane-Cam, also by S.C. Click and be awesome-ated.

More tomorrow, time to crash.


UU said...

Daria and Jane in Arzamas-16! Yay! :))

The Angst Guy said...

I live only to serve. :)