Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's Discoflux! Yay!

Yes, today is the Discordian Holyday known as Discoflux! And no one, not even the Discordians, knows how to celebrate it! You gotta know that this kid is one of the weirdest at Holiday Island High School. I picture Discoflux as looking like the character at left/right, though I have no idea which episode featured her. I got the image from MTV's Daria site. Anyone know who this is? Fanfic, people, fanfic!

UNESCO says today is also World Press Freedom Day 2008, which Ms. Li most assuredly does not celebrate. I bet this kid works on the Holiday Island High School student newspaper. "Halloween, X, where did you and Guy Fawkes Day go last week? Do the three of you have something going on?"

A really great story idea was posted on PPMB by echopapa: "D.A.R.I.A." What if Daria was a robot? The idea has come up before, but see what you can do with it. Do it for Discoflux!

Not much going on with some of the other Daria sites. SFMB has been very slow for a long while, the Daria Fan Club has 791 members but little activity, no new Dariacons on the Dariacon website. Must be a slow time of year. At least Deref the Oz Barbarian carries on the tradition, though Europe will be reduced to rubble in his passing.

A good open-ended Iron Chef challenge has been called by JennaUsername: "Good Morning, Miss Morgendorffer." Gird your loins and jump on it.



the nightgoblyn said...

Discoflux should be carrying a gourd. Don't ask why. Fnord.

The Angst Guy said...

She is, but it's not in the picture.