Monday, May 12, 2008

"Wanna hear my operating room cheer?"

It's International Nurses Day! Hooray! This happens to be because Florence Nightingale was born 188 years ago today. Give a nurse a hug, unless you might be arrested for it. Brittany the Brain Surgeon is our mascot for today, though there is also Ken T's notorious and award-winning portrait of "Nurse Janey" (on SFMB, no link to it, like duh). Not appropriate, however. 'Nuff said.

Being a fan of higher education as well as nurses, we also mark the 457th anniversary of the founding of the oldest university in the Americas: the National University of San Marcos in Lima, Peru, still goin' strong.

Deref the Barbarian has reportedly been struck down by bubonic plague while attempting to scale the Eiffel Tower. He has scaled back his looting and pillaging to include only the outer suburbs of Paris and not downtown until a witchdoctor is found to cure him. Father Martin the Civilized Barbarian has meanwhile posted etchings of his adventures with the Darian Horde (European Division).

Slobbergoat has posted new rantings and ravings at Lawndale Online.

The 1,849th article posted at DariaWiki is on the legendary BG's Barbeque Brew Hall. If you can guess which fanfic that came from, you win TEH INNERNTZZ!!!!111!!!!1!! Thank you, BG.

MMan is asking for beta-readers on PPMB. Got spare time? Give 'er a go. The story's great.

By way of new art, the immortal Beatnik Shaggy has posted an "Outrageous Crossover" on his deviantART site. (The title is a hint as to what the crossover is.) Love it. Praise and adoration may be left here.

Fanfic update soon.

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