Monday, May 26, 2008

Silly Question #28: Was Clone High cloned?

Is it possible that the depiction of Holiday Island High School on Daria's "Depth Takes a Holiday" had any influence on the later appearance on MTV of Clone High? I don't know if this question has ever come up before, but it began poking at me a while ago. Holiday Island High was better done, I think, and rather less offensive.

A number of fanfics have made use of the wormhole behind Good Time Chinese, and there have been a few Daria-related stories about various students at HIHS. I know it's perverted of me to say this, but Holiday Island High could support a few more fantasy/SF/weirdo fanfics as a micro-sub-genre of fandom. Think of all the holidays that haven't been covered yet! What if they came through the wormhole and bugged the Fashion Club? That might be a hoot. World Turtle Day could ask Quinn out for a date!

Okay, I tried. Think about it anyway. Could be fun.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why it's never occured to anyone to do a Daria/American Gods crossover with Holiday Island as a focal point.

(Well, obviously it occured to me, but American Gods never interested me to a great deal.)

E. A. Smith said...

Good idea, but the thought of encroaching on Neil Gaiman's territory just sends me into a Wayne's World-esque "I'm not worthy!" moment.

Ranchoth said...

I did a ficlet awhile back where International Talk like a Pirate Day, and the Subgenius X-Day staged some kind of coup on H.I. (IIRC, they killed Guy Fawkes day, then called in a tactical nuclear strike by Israeli Independence Day when Towel Day angrily counterattacked. The latter happening in a sequel Brother Grimace write.)

I'm a horrible, twisted human being. I know that now, and I've learned to accept it.