Sunday, May 18, 2008


Twenty-eight years ago today, Mount St. Helens blew up in Oregon. I was in Germany in the Army at the time. One of the suspected aftereffects of the explosion was that in June that year it literally rained, with barely a pause, for over 40 days and nights across Europe. The Europeans grumbled and blamed it on the U.S., of course. It was our volcano.

Sexy image there of fire-breathing Helen. We will refer back to it later when we conduct a purely scientific examination of her, um, physical assets. (I'm working on it, BG.)

MMan has offered a new and intriguing PPMB Iron Chef, called Autobiography. "Timothy O'Neill has given all his classes an assignment: write your autobiography. Pick a Daria teen and show what his/her response is." The Iron Chef has already drawn one remarkable response, listed below.

Now 810 fans logged in at the Daria Fan Club. A little activity there, too. Keep it going.

Ranchoth offers a look into the technical side of his "It's a Job" post-IICY? universe, in which Daria goes to work for COBRA and does pretty darn good for herself. Her helicarrier, the CS Argent Bifid (trans.: "silver forked"), is depicted on DariaWiki in screencaps from old G.I. Joe TV episodes. The helicarrier's name doesn't make sense unless you realize that "silver" and "forked" both refer to "tongue," as in "silver tongued" and "forked tongue." Honeyed words that are all lies: exactly what Daria was hired by COBRA to produce in her flying print factory. Nice work.

What are the most disturbing images in Daria? Richard Lobinske thinks it's Mr. O'Neill's butt.

Got any obscure movie references made on the Daria show that no one else knows? Crossada75 is looking for others besides the one for The Gamma People.

  • Autobiography of Jane Lane, by CINCGREEN (COMPLETE!): This is beyond fantastic, it's so good. I dare not spoil it. Read it and hang on.

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More to be added as the day progresses, plus maybe I'll get some work done on the short story and think of an essay while pulling weeds.


Anonymous said...

God said, to Noah, there's gonna be a floody-floody!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

wwwfoleyfan said...

i remember that happening it dropped ash on us for a week afterward here in wyo. 28 years wow, doesnt seem that long ago, must be gettin old lol.
anyway like the site man keep up the good work