Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Woman Who Was W.O.W.

Many of the alter egos for Daria have a musical theme, and this one is one of the more interesting ones. Sandi Griffin is dressed as Wendy O. Williams, born this day 59 years ago. She was the lead singer of the Plasmatics and easily the most outrageous woman in rock, punk or New Wave or otherwise, in the 1970s and '80s. The picture seems to be derived from this photo of the Plasmatics. (Ms. Williams should be easy to pick out.)

It strikes me as odd that Sandi is the one doing the W.O.W. thing, as she would be the polar opposite of the singer in personality. That blouse Sandi is wearing, by the way, is her own, the usual one she wears in the last seasons of Daria. Wendy Williams often went topless in concert except for a couple of strips of black electrical tape (placed exactly where you think they would be). In a way this picture resonates in the same way that alter ego of Stacy Rowe as Dr. Hannibal Lechter works: you just have this feeling that under that shallow, stuck-up fashion-head is a wild beast waiting to be unchained. Or maybe not. You decide.

Interestingly, Wendy Williams's long-time boyfriend in life was Lemmy of Motörhead, and there is an alter ego with Mr. DeMartino as Lemmy, at the MTV website like the Sandi/Wendy pic above. Someone on the art staff with MTV had a very good knowledge of rock music from 20-30 years ago. It certainly shows.

A curious alter ego for a lot of reasons. More to come.

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