Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holy Spandex! It's Bat-Jane!

On this day, 71 years ago, Detective Comics #27 came out, featuring a new crimefighter named Batman. The rest was history.

One hundred and thirty years ago today, Isadora Duncan was born, considered one of the greatest of American dancers. Jane Lane appeared as Isadora Duncan in an alter ego used earlier in this column.

This is also the 74th birthday of renown science-fiction author and critic Harlan Ellison, whom this blogger considers one of the True Gods of writing, period. One of Mr. Ellison's stories, "The Deathbird," had a profound effect in the writing of a Daria fanfic: "Mad Dog."

In addition to the various Three Word Story threads at PPMB, fen in need of a game can play The Amazing Daria Race. And Deref the Conquerer has a few more cave paintings to show of his recent excursion into civilization, which now lies in ruins from Spain to the Urals. Hail, Crom!

In the spirit of the elections this year, here's a T-shirt design you might like. Why pick the lesser of two evils?

SFMB has been little used of late. Getting concerned about that. Fanfic writers and fan artists are encouraged to post there when possible; exposure is always good.


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