Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Nerd Holiday Today!

Yes, once again it is International Museum Day. This teen is one of the geek squad at Holiday Island High. We have some strange holidays, that's for sure. International Museum Day. Why not.

This is also the day when the Earth passed through the tail of Halley's Comet in 1910, almost a century ago. Interestingly, a fanfic currently in progress on PPMB (legendeld's "Infected") was derived from a movie called Night of the Comet.

Movie director Frank Capra was born 111 years ago. It was his most famous movie, It's a Wonderful Life, that St. Patrick's Day was referring to when he was trying to convince Daria to help find the other missing Holidays in "Depth Takes a Holiday." The movie is also referenced in several fanfics, like Angelinhel's "An Angel Named Mary Sue" and Thomas's "It's a Wonderful Life, Not."

On PPMB, Psychotol has produced a picture of Quinn in the U.S. Marines. That's an unusual haircut for her, I must say.

  • Avalon, by legendeld (Part 22): Dorn and Daria strike a deal to end the war. It involves the deaths of a great many people, however.
  • Expectavi: Spindoctor/Daria, Agent of Cobra Serial, by Ranchoth (Part 2): This just gets creepier and better all the time.
  • Infected, by legendeld (Part 3): "Since when do either of you know how to shoot?"

More later, after wake-up time. I am still working on a new story but there isn't enough time to divide up among everything that's going on. [sigh]


E. A. Smith said...

I am definitely putting my own Daria zombie fic on hold. There are just too many of them out there right now.

Anonymous said...

I thought D: The Last Cynic was the NotC derivative.