Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Viva Mack!

Why the MTV artists decided to have Mack Mackenzie pose as the Communist revolutionary Che Guevara, I have no idea. Today would have been Che's 80th birthday, but that didn't work out (bang). Know what? I bet if Daria poked through the attic she'd find an old Che poster from the late 1960s that her dad used to own. You know Helen and Jake must have worshiped Che while they were at Middleton College, for a little while anyway. What do you think Daria would think of that?

More importantly, today is the 166th anniversary of the day Alfred, Lord Tennyson published a book called Poems, among which was the poem "Ulysses," which served as one of the inspirations for this fanfic.

Fanfic writer JJXB is looking for beta readers. Got time? Drop him a note. More news later. Peace out, yo!

LATE ADD: The first alt.lawndale.creators fanworks interviews have been posted to both PPMB and SFMB. (I was mentally addled recently and forgot the latter.) You can read about Kristen Bealer and her work here or here, and Christ Oliver and his work here or here. Enjoy! And more interviews are coming!

LATER ADD: Want to watch the birth of a new Daria fansite? Check it out!


the nightgoblyn said...

Daria: (unrolls poster, quirks an eyebrow) Oh, look. A wanted poster for a mass murdering thug. In my attic. How lovely.

slumshoes said...

Yep. Me thinks Daria is an Anti-commi. If there's ever an opportunity to fill a few Bolshevik cemeteries, she'd gladly take it.