Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Day for the Super-Heroes

In the Legion of Lawndale Heroes Dariaverse, today is Bowman Day. If you are a metahuman, get your butt up to the Big Apple this instant, if not sooner, to celebrate. If you are a mundane, go on about your normal business and pay no attention to the flying weirdos in Spandex.

In an unrelated development, a year ago today James Bowman (a.k.a. CINCGREEN) revealed himself to be the mysterious Roentgen on the Daria Fandom Blog. Any resemblance between this James Bowman and Senator James Bowman is probably not coincidental, but I am not at liberty to reveal more.

Party on as always.


Anonymous said...

Mm, so I was reading Questionable Content today, and I decide to click on one of the ads for another webcomic, Insomniac Theater, because the art style looks vaguely familiar.

Well, I just happen to land in guest week or something: http://www.insomniactheater-online.com/

the nightgoblyn said...

Thanks for that link, I laughed. :)

Hey, TAG - was there ever any plan for a sequel to the D-Day /Amazing Jane story?

The Angst Guy said...

Oh, forgot about that. Not really, no. The D-Day story was supposed to be self-contained, and there's no point in doing a sequel since someone else has already written a story in which Tom Sloane is responsible for universal evil.

the nightgoblyn said...

A story? Just one? Seems to be a few more than that floating around. :chuckle: