Friday, July 18, 2008

A Real Fireball

A bit of space news, to start the day: John H. Glenn, Jr., the former Senator, astronaut, and USMC fighter pilot, gets mentioned a few times in Daria fanfic (here and here) and was previously mentioned in this blog as well. Today is his 87th birthday. I am pleased to say that I watched him go into space both times! (On TV.)

One more day until the Wonderfest Dariacon takes place, with Richard Lobinske and myself appearing incognito in the crowd. Well, Richard's showing some models, so I'll be incognito.

Dramatic news to come, if there is any to report.

LATE ADD: S.C. has posted another masterwork on PPMB ("A Death in the Family"). Get a tissue box ready before you look at it. It is one of his best works, and that is saying something, but it will tear out your heart.

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