Monday, July 14, 2008

Empty Fridge, Empty Mom

Two episodes premiered on this date. "The Teachings of Don Jake" was first shown on MTV eleven years ago, in Daria's first season, and "Lane Miserables" appeared two years later in the third season. The former episode is where we learn that Daria saves her entire family from a horrible fate, but no one says a word of thanks to her. The latter episode reveals that Jane and Trent have the crappiest family in existence. How it worked out that Jane wasn't taken away by child protective services, we'll never know. Cartoon people live charmed lives, I suppose.

Also, we know for a fact that eating "glitter berries" allows you to see spirit animals, because Jake's reacted in a completely realistic fashion when he tried to tell it about his childhood: it ran away. If that's not realistic, I don't know what is.

A curious note: Today is also Bastille Day, and a connection has been postulated between the airing of "Lane Miserables" and that holiday. Verrry interesting. As a side note, Quinn learned a lot about Bastille Day from David in Is It Fall Yet?

According to the Falling Into College series, today is Cancerian Helen Morgendorffer's birthday! Happy Fif- . . . Thirty-Ninth Birthday to you!

The American artist James McNeill Whistler was born 174 years ago today. Jane Lane has an alter ego in which she appears in one of Whistler's portraits, which can be seen somewhere on this page. Perhaps you know which one it is.

The latest page (#1,891) in DariaWiki, thanks to Richard Lobinske, is here (the story "Broken Star"). NO! WAIT! It's here ("Battle of Cacotin Mountain"). NO NO NO!!! It's HERE!

A minor server problem with the Daria Fan Club has led to missing images on the website, but all will be fixed soon, we are told.

Lawndale Online

  • Falling Into College 63: Broken Star, by Richard Lobinske (COMPLETE!): Jeff learns a lesson about Daria, Daria learns a lesson about Jeff, and Karen gets a surprise in a bag from Amy.
  • New Life, by legendeld (Part 10): "I don’t remember your butt being this big.” Stacy said playfully.
  • While the Bat's Away..., by echopapa (Part 1): A Daria/DC crossover, with Catwoman on the prowl and her prey in Lawndale!



Anonymous said...

Personally, I always imagined Amanda to be a good mother, even if her parenting strategy was a bit hands-off. I mean, we've never seen her go on lengthy sojourns like Vincent; though, perhaps, that's just to make sure the rule about fires and fireplaces is enforced.

E. A. Smith said...

I'd say that "Lane Miserables" gives more than enough evidence that Amanda is a horrible mother. Her hands-off, "butterfly" approach alone is enough to qualify for negligence, and she obviously barely knows the meaning of the word discipline, as is shown by her weak reaction to Summer's kids spinning on her workstool (though I find Summer's firm handling of that situation to be an indication that, while no great mom herself, she might be better than her own mother).

The Angst Guy said...

The notes that Amanda leaves for Jane and Trent in The Daria Database pretty much put the nails in the coffin. Amanda does run off to the ends of the earth without warning, like Vincent. See also this essay which includes more evidence from the show. Sad, even for a cartoon family.