Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mack's Poseidon Adventure

Mack, for some reason, was depicted as the Roman god Neptune (or the Greek god Poseidon) on one of the alter egos from Daria. As it so happens, today was the beginning of the Roman festival called Neptunalia, which celebrated the god of the sea. (More on Neptunalia here.)

In keeping with our oceanic theme, this date appeared in a Daria serial called "A Cruise Gone Wrong." Unfortunately, we have only the first part of the tale to go by. Where's the rest? Darn authors.

PPMB moderator Quiverwing, in her blog Quiverwing's Corner, has posted an interesting observation about our fandom. The observation has been made before, but not with evidence such as she provides. What do you think of it? Post your responses in her blog (or this one, as you wish).

Two nice new fan artworks are up: Concept Jane, by ioxmo, and Jen of 6teen as Daria, by Doggieboy's son.

Looking for interesting ficlets to stir your imagination? Look below.
  • Daria: The Two Equals, by MrPowerpuff (Part 4): “I believe I’ve got a certain . . . surprise for you.”
  • Duck and Cover, by Smileyfax (Part 1): "Sure, Daria. Let me scrape that into the dust so that the archaeologists will know our last words."

  • Unnamed ficlet, Iron Chef: Evil Jane, by NightGoblyn (continued): A girl who will chew gum will smoke, a girl who will smoke will drink, and a girl who will drink . . . why, everyone knows what a girl like that will do!

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