Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Royal "We"

Lady Jane Grey began her tragic nine-day rule as Queen of England and Ireland 455 years ago today. Her story became the inspiration for an unfinished Daria fanfic that turns on the observation that Jane Grey, it seems, looked and acted a lot like Daria Morgendorffer does today. And the fact that Daria, as a Scorpio, could have been born on Halloween. It is hoped that fate will allow the story to be finished one day before long.

Curious that MTV was kind enough to provide an alter ego of Daria as (I believe) Elizabeth I. It sure worked for me. The Tudor colors, by the way, were green and gold as shown here, like Daria's jacket and tee.

LATE ADD: Wondering how much a copy of the Sick Sad Life Planner computer software costs nowadays? I found one (used) on Amazon for $9.99, and one through Google for . . . ouch. (VERY LATE ADD: The absurd price has now been corrected.)

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