Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Supernova 1054!

Lest you think that no celestial body was named for Daria Morgendorffer, turn your attention to (drum roll) the Crab Nebula. A mere 954 years ago this very day, a gigantic supernova burst out in the constellation Taurus (meaning "a lot of bull") and formed what is now called the Crab Nebula, which as shown in the photo at right has the face of Butt-head. Will miracles never cease?

Why is there no fanfiction connecting the Crab Nebula with Daria? That seems so unfair.

Only 146 years ago today, an English reverend told a story to a little girl named Alice Liddell while they were on a boat trip. She asked him to write it down, and 143 years ago, he did and published it as Stacy Rowe Goes to Hell. And what a great work of literature it was.

DigiSim has offered a new PPMB Iron Chef: Escape from Lawndale! Interesting premise. I think one of the Daria cast should be in the role of Snake Plissken, however.

Lawndale Online
  • The New Girl, by NightGoblyn (COMPLETE!): An AU that puts Daria in a reversed set-up. I'd love to see this one continued.
  • Right and Wrong, by MrPowerpuff (Part 1): “The human whose name is written in this note shall die.” (A Daria/Death Note crossover)
More will be entered here as the day progresses.

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MMan said...

If we're mentioning celestial stiff wrt Daria:

There's the [url=]Darian Calendar[/url], a calendar originally designed for use on the planet Mars. Variants have since been devised for Jupiter's four Galilean moons and Saturn's biggest moon, Titan.

It's named after Darius Gangale, the son of its inventor, Thomas Gangale.