Monday, July 28, 2008

Speed Kills

Nine years ago today, "Speedtrapped" first appeared on MTV. We've already addressed Daria's murderous impulses. What else is there to cover?

I'll add more later. What do you think was controversial about this episode, aside from the desert and Daria trying to kill someone?


Anonymous said...

Quinn wearing gingham.

Greybird said...

Ask The N. They didn't show it at all. Humorless bastards!

I think their hot button was drinking. A few shots of Jake holding a martini glass or flask made it on, but all the never-shown-on-N episodes showed much more open use of alcohol.

Thank the gods for bootlegs. ... Electronic sense AND original sense, come to think of it. {g}

Greybird said...

Come to think of it, nary a tipple in "Boxing Daria," also banned from that benighted channel. So go figure.

doggieboy said...

That's because The N is evil. They have to be. They tear Daria to pieces, but show Degrassi?

MTV isn't much better, either, or they'd show it again sometime.

The Angst Guy said...

I think it's because Daria is animated and therefore supposed to be wholesome, while live-action shows can be corrupt because small children won't watch them.

Or it's something else, beats me. I don't know nothin'.

Quinn in gingham . . . yeah, that was weird.