Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wild for Contrarians Day

The last update for Kara Wild's Contrarian's Corner was exactly one year ago. I love that website. Though now dormant, it's got tons of great stuff, from stories to fandom histories, artwork to interviews. Let each of us raise a glass of [insert favorite beverage here] and toast the immortal CC goodness, and also toast Kara's new career as Helen Morgendorffer. Kick legal booty!

A major fanon character in Dariadom died on this date, 145 years ago. See if you can guess who that was before you click here.

In the realm of Daria news on the Internet, look for the golden note in this report on strange websites.

Now 865 members in the Daria Fan Club. I need to add more quiz questions.

Richard Lobinske, Brother Grimace, and NightGoblyn have done wonderful things on DariaWiki. The most recent new page: Night. (Who? Click and see. Weird.)

Among the many items added to Outpost Daria a few days ago was an old-school shipper essay by Fayth S: Improbable but not Impossible. Interesting read, with evidence to support its thesis.
  • Box to the Future, by Smileyfax (Part 5): Ow! Ouch! A bit of angst there. And this story went from being merely brilliant to full-fledged genius.
  • The Lawndalian Candidate, by MMan (continued): "You said I'd never amount to anything, didn't you, Old Man? Well, LOOK AT ME NOW! TAKE THAT! I'M THE GODDAM PRESIDENT! IS THAT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU? HUH?! HUH?!" [I so love this.]
  • Sarcasm at 1600, by Mike Xeno (Part 16 at last! Yay!): "Rule four," Jodie continued, "Quinn speaks when spoken to."
More exciting news to come!


Kara Wild said...

Thanks for the mention. It's been a while since I explored my own website. *g*

The Angst Guy said...

We still expect you to return as often as possible and say some Helenoid or Amyish things. Plus finish "Working Girl," which is an awesome work even unfinished.