Monday, July 28, 2008

Stacy O!

This is one of those alter egos that won't make sense to anyone under the age of 50. Stacy Rowe is imitating Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, whose birthday was 79 years ago today. I remember what Jackie Kennedy looked like from newspaper pictures I saw of her as a child. She's holding a rose bush and wearing her best pink suit.

Unfortunately, that is exactly the same suit Mrs. Kennedy was wearing when she and JFK arrived in Dallas on November 22, 1963. And upon her arrival in Dallas, Mrs. Kennedy was given red roses. Was the artist making a point here? If so, what was the point? Really creepy pic, if you ask me.

What else Daria-ish happened today in history. . . . Bermuda, visited by Sandi Griffin during Is It Fall Yet?, was settled 399 years ago by English folk who were blown off-course while heading for Virginia. I had an idea for a story about Sandi getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle, but never finished it. Dang.

Today is the birthday of Jim Davis, the cartoonist who created Garfield. Garfield is mentioned in various fanfics as a cartoon in the Lawndale newspaper. There was a crossover, too, in which Daria had Garfield as a pet, but I cannot find it now.

LATE ADD: Brother Grimace has added a DariaWiki page about . . . Daria's glasses. Not a bad idea.


kem said...

If memory serves, that Garfield fic was written by Dr Mike (can't remember the title). I think his fics have been removed from Daria sites at his request, but they may still be floating around somewhere.

Mr Orange said...

It's still available here :