Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Walkmans! Baywatch! Lesbians! O Canada!

Twenty-nine years ago, Sony introduced to the world the Walkman, without which Dawn would be just another bored-looking student at Lawndale High. Forty-one years ago, Canadian babe Pamela Anderson was born, without which we would not have an alter ego of Daria in Baywatch. On top of that, today is Canada Day!

And, on top of that, today is the eighth anniversary of the establishment of civil unions in Vermont, a development that led to this story and many others that followed. Yeee-haaaw!

In other news. . . .

Richard Lobinske has updated the Great Big List o' 2008 Daria Fan Art (PPMB, SFMB). And there was much rejoicing.

Speaking of fan art, Taryn discovered some old fan art of hers dating from 2005 on her hard drive, and has generously presented them for our admiration. Thanks! And we also have views of Jane as an ice-pixie superhero, from Mabottos. Thanks again!

The newest page in DariaWiki: Run It Up the Mast.

Two more Iron Chefs have appeared on PPMB: Kyle Armalin's Cat (from Richard Lobinske) and Crest of the Stars (from kalad1). Have at it!

And I am the current leader for getting Daria quiz questions right at the Daria Fan Club. I totally rule. Until, you know, I don't.


  • But What About the Baby (Sitter)?! by Kristen Bealer (COMPLETE!): "Once you watch a baby pee on someone, suddenly they aren't nearly as intimidating."
  • The Cynic and The Defender, by Doggieboy (Part 4): “You killed a man who had just killed me, and yet you just want us to watch a movie? What the hell’s wrong with you?
  • Family History, by Lawndale Lurker (COMPLETE!): Quinn put her hands on her hips and frowned. “You are not fine, Veronica. Come on, you can tell me. I'm your sister.” *
  • Halloween Hellraiser, by peapotmaster (COMPLETE!): "Kevin, can you tell me who started Halloween?" "Stephen King."
  • Iron Chef: Unusual Superpowers (unnamed ficlet), by Decelaraptor (COMPLETE!): "Your sister has been exposed to enough radioactivity to kill a dozen strong men. Her body has been breaking down at a rate that should have killed her by now. Hell, she should have been DOA, but her body keeps... 'perking up' is the only..."
  • Naked Came the Cynic, by Lawndale Lurker (continued): Is Lawndale Lurker actually Lawndale Stalker? In either event, Daria finally puts her clothes on.
  • New Life, by legendeld (Part 8): “Full power to the shields," called Stacy. "Target their main power relays and engines. All torpedo stations prepare to fire.”
  • The Other Side of Time: The Nightmare Never Really Leaves, by The Sidhe (continued): "I thought that the horrors I witnessed in four years of fighting in the War would have drowned out that particular memory.” Richard looked away. “But I was wrong.”
  • Screw You, Mary Sue! by durgarox (Part 3): “Oh, no, it’s one of those fanfic writers again, isn’t it?”
  • Screwed, by MMan (COMPLETE!): Quinn took a deep breath. This was working better than expected. "Why don't come over to my house for a while?" she asked.
  • Stuck Inside of Lawndale with the Metafic Blues Again, by Gregor Samsa (Part 1): What next, a rendition of the Internationale led by Hillary Clinton?
  • Weekend at Barch's, by peapotmaster (COMPLETE!): "Are you crazy?" Jane asked. "We don’t want everybody in Lawndale to think that we found our dead science teacher in the dumpster. Besides, Tom’s waiting for us."
* Contains mature content.

More soon, trying to wake up.


Hannah said...

Now I am the leader :D

(sorry, but this post reminded me about those questions so I went back to answer the ones I didn't do yet)

The Angst Guy said...

Damn it damn it damn it!

the nightgoblyn said...

Two geeks enter! One geek leaves!