Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fair Enough For Ya?

The world premiere of "Fair Enough" was ten years ago today. Interesting that Andrea later used Upchuck in the same jester outfit in her "Gothic Nights" comic in The Daria Database.

What makes "Fair Enough" really interesting is the collapse of the library roof at the start, as Daria, Brittany, and Kevin could have been seriously injured or killed as a result. (This happens in at least one AU fanfic.) Ms. Li's looting of school funds for paranoid projects is also intriguing, as is Linda Griffin's archery skill (she hits the target under stress, but Helen doesn't). Linda's got focus and drive, for sure. Could she be an archery superhero in disguise? Or an assassin? With ebola arrowheads?

What did you like or dislike in particular about this episode? What oddities caught your attention?

Brother Grimace started a page on "Casa Lane" on DariaWiki, and I was moved to add to it. I think separate webpages on Jane's room and Trent's room are called for.

Speaking of DariaWiki, Richard Lobinske is heroically correcting errors and clarifying links. I note with some dismay that many of the errors he's fixing are mine, and I humbly apologize and promise to find some other kind of error to add to DariaWiki in the future, not the same old ones. Richard has created the most recent of the 1,884 or so pages in the 'Wiki: Fuzzy Wuzzy Wee Bits.

Legendeld's Rantings (a blog by the same author) has been added to the recommended/active list at left. Sorry I didn't do this before, I miss a lot by being me. I've added the Beavis and Butt-head tales at, too, because many of them feature Daria in her Highland years.

Alas, however, I removed the Dariacon Wiki link, as it no longer seems to work.

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