Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Glory Hallelujah! Jane Lane Tells All!

YES! "The Autobiography of Jane Lane, Parte the Seconde" has just hit the blogstands! After an absence of almost 85,000 minutes, Jane has decided to post more about her life before and after meeting the Misery Chick. Exploding breast implants! Radiation! Gross stuff! Click and enjoy!!!

The picture and text here, BTW, are from the MTV Daria site from about 11 years ago.



Looking for a fun cruise? Look no further than DariaWiki.

New art: Janie's got a gun, by ioxmo. This picture is exactly what it sounds like. Nice. Oddly related by topic to the Doggieboy story below. Commentary can go here.

Also, durgarox has done an amusing and 'shippery drawing called Hey, Daria... The facial expressions are priceless.

Hershey-chan has completed a very nice rendering of Upchuck and Andrea at the prom. The Chuckster has a babe!


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