Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fakz & Figgurz 2 Maek U Happi

One thing I haven't done in a while is review some of the background facts and figures about this blog. Let's see what we've got.

Viewing: First, based on some testing I did, this blog appears to look spot on perfect with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.5, and Apple Safari 4.0. For some reason there are more indents with IE8, but it all comes out nicely. Opera 10.0 is a little worse but still acceptable. The images degrade for some reason as you switch pages, and the Followers section won't show up.

Visitors: At the moment, 118,603 total hits have been recorded for the site. An average of 131 unique visitors drop by every day so far in October, with 154 per day average throughout September. The blog gets hit about 191 times per day, so some visitors (particularly me, checking up on things) drop in more than once.

This means this blog keeps 130-150 people entertained every day. Not bad at all. We don't have the numbers that Harry Potter fandom has, but we do fine. Only 17 followers, though, so just over a tenth of all visitors can or want to get alerts for updates. Anyone else want to join the followers here? Come on in.

Nations: The country of origin of most visitors is not known. Of those that are known, the U.S.A. accounts for most (about 150 people at the moment), with less than a tenth as many each coming from Canada, France, Great Britain, and other places.

Linkage: Over 60% apparently have this site bookmarked and link directly to it. Links from DariaWiki, Outpost Daria, and PPMB account for less than 10% each, with the rest apparently coming straight from some Google search.

Browsers: About 60% of you use Firefox, 6.5% use IE, 4.6% use Safari, and almost 30% cannot be classified by browser, so who knows what you're using.

Monitor Size: I wasn't aware that the Toolbar Counter checked out your screen size. Lessee...

Unknown 444
1024x768 165
1280x1024 87
800x600 33
1152x864 29

For whatever that was worth. That's for October so far.

Moar l8r.


Anonymous said...

holy statistics batman!!!

The Angst Guy said...

Not sure if any of this says anything useful.