Saturday, October 31, 2009

You Woke Up the Dead, So Put 'Em to Bed

Gettin' late, party's over, zombies have to be reburied. My thanks to Pinhead (at right) for the most excellent alter egos, to UU for more magnificent images, to Richard Lobinske for chipping in some excellent art with his posts, and to you for reading this.

The more alert among you might notice that this website has now joined the last existing Daria Webring, which apparently started out as the Other Daria Webring. It kinda fun to explore the ring and see where it leads; not very big at the moment but there's room to grow. Webrings were big about a decade ago. They're still around, good to see 'em. Maybe more webmasters will join in for the fun of it.

Hope your Halloween was a good one. Tomorrow is a new day and a new month (and this blog will run over 124,000 hits). Cheers.


Pinhead said...

It looks, as farewell to an epoch!
"Turn the page."

UU said...

Hope your Halloween was OK and that B & B didn't come by. :)

'[T]o UU for more magnificent images' -- the pleasure is all mine!