Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Herself

The centerpiece for today is, of course, Halloween herself. She's my favorite of the Holiday Island High teens. Darn shame she appears only once in the series. (I love "Depth Takes a Holiday.") Can't say she's a good kid, smart-mouthed and prone to mischief as she is, but she's appealing anyway. Got an attitude, able to earn her own money, great drummer, cool costume: it adds up.

How to bring her back, though? I gave it a shot on PPMB with "Romin' Holiday," but it was a quickie and needed more. Halloween the teen appeared briefly in "Everybody Loves Jane" (thanks to Kristen Bealer), Angelinhel's "A Day (un)Like Any Other," a nameless tale by Cypher, and... I think that's about it. (Oh! Anonymous in the Comments just reminded me of Smileyfax's "Her Web of Sin." That was terrific! Poor Trent, though. Oh, well. Thanks, Anonymous!)
Let's here and now make a call for more Halloween fanfic. Use your imagination. She could be a great supervillainess, say if she was able to drain the power from her home plane to augment her own minor magics. She could become a real teen by accident, design, or as punishment. She could fall for someone in Lawndale (Trent's already been used for that) and divide her time between Lawndale and her home plane.

It would be excellent to define her powers without being too specific. She can make cobwebs appear, but cannot create food, blow up a house, or get anywhere without calling a friend for a car ride. (Who was she calling, anyway, in "Depth Takes a Holiday"? Does she have mortal friends who like to run around with her throwing toilet paper into trees in expensive neighborhoods?)

Just a thought. Anyone know of any other Halloween-the-teen stories around? She's too good to ignore all the rest of the year. Happy Halloween!