Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tom by the Numbers

(A reprint of an old article I've never sent out)

Do not read if you lack a sense of humor, or think people need to get a life/hobby/inflatable doll instead of thinking about these things. This was assembled by an amateur, professionals would never go near stuff like this with a 12.2 foot noodle. Void where prohibited by good taste. Individual results may vary. If rash, irritation or bleeding occur, see your doctor, but this had nothing to do with it.

A considerable amount of hot air has been generated on the topic of Tom Sloane and how the character influenced the show.

Here’s a quick analysis of how much the character did appear over the twenty-nine stories from Jane’s Addition to Is It College Yet?

Now you can have solid numbers when you argue how much time was or was not spent (wasted, idolized, whatever) on the character

Production number, title and brief description of Tom’s actions.

313: Jane's Addition: Tom asks Jane out, first overtures to Daria (Farmer joke)

401: Partner's Complaint: Daria and Jane at odds over Tom, he briefly appears to offer ride.
402: Antisocial Climbers: Tom not present, Daria tells Jane she’s sorry about her comments
403: A Tree Grows in Lawndale: Tom makes suggestion to help Kevin
404: Murder, She Snored: Tom not present
405: The F Word: Tom looks in surprise at ‘conventional’ Jane.
406: I Loathe a Parade: Makes effort to be nice to Daria, first evidence of attraction
407: Of Human Bonding: Tom not present, Jane says he’s bowling with friends.
408: Psycho Therapy: Tom has brief appearance on ‘JaneCam.’
409: Mart of Darkness: Aftermath of fight with Jane, Tom goes with Trent and Jesse to store
410: Legends of the Mall: Tom not present
411: Groped by an Angel: Tom not present
412: Fire!: Tom has conversation with Daria.
413: Dye! Dye! My Darling: The kiss.

Is it Fall Yet? First dates with Tom, temporary breakup. Tom says Daria may be scared of opening up.

501: Fizz Ed: Tom encourages Daria to see superintendent.
502: Sappy Anniversary: Tom + Daria forget anniversary. He considers romantic efforts corny
503: Fat Like Me: Tom not present.
504: Camp Fear: Tom not present
505: The Story of D: Tom encourages Daria to send in story, clod when it is rejected.
506: Lucky Strike: A few comments about trick question when Daria making test
507: Art Burn: A few comments about Jane’s art.
508: One J at a Time: Says he wants parents to like him, runs off with Jake and Jeffy
509: Life in the Past Lane: He and Daria have doubts about Nathan, Daria asks if they are in a rut.
510: Aunt Nauseam: Daria tells Tom to keep his distance when he tries to help.
511: Prize Fighters: Tom tells Daria about sleazy Wizard CEO
512: My Night at Daria's: Condom in wallet bad idea. About only attempt at romance.
513: Boxing Daria: Daria ditches going to the cove after accident to see Jane.

Is it College Yet? Effects of Tom’s wealthy background become more noticeable, Daria and Tom are clearly drifting apart. Daria breaks up.

Season: number of episodes (production number) percent of season or percent of total

Tom was not present in episode:
S4: 5 (402, 404, 407, 410, 411) – 38.5%
S5: 2 (503, 504) - 15.4%
Total: 7 – 24.1%

Tom’s role was minor:
S4: 3 (403, 405, 408) – 23.1%
S5: 4 (506, 507, 510, 511) – 30.8%
Total: 7 – 24.1 %

Tom had a short, but important role:
4: 3 (401, 409, 412) – 15.4%
5: 3 (501, 502, 505) - 23.1%
Total: 7 – 24.1%

Tom had a central role:
3: 1 (313) – 7.7%
4: 2 (406, 413) – 23.1%
5: 5 (501, 502, 508, 509, 512) – 38.5%
Total: 8 – 27.6%

Daria asked for advice from, or had an ‘important’ conversation with Tom
4: 2 (403, 413) – 15.4%
5: 5 (501, 505, 506, 508, 512) – 38.5%
Total: 9 – 31.0%


The Angst Guy said...

Now we have proof that Tom must die!


The Angst Guy said...

I was going to say that Tom's roll in IIFY? was more important, but now that I think of it, he wasn't around much. Weird.

I do think Tom was punished quite enough for kissing Daria by dating her afterward, which was sheer hell for him. I have no real problem with Tom except for making jokes about him.

Pinhead said...

"I have no real problems with Tom except for jealousy, envy, fierce hatred and desire to kill!"
Heh-heh! :))

pinkminx said...

"and desire to kill!"

maybe we should start up a visual 1001 deaths of Tom Sloan at the easel...

The Angst Guy said...

Is there enough red in the world for that?

minx said...

oh Im sure we can improvise- we're artist after all :D