Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Sometimes you feel like a nut...."

Daria and Jane, wearing peanut outfits for It's a Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World at Lawndale Mall, are our mascots for National Nut Day. The image is from Pinhead (thanks!), from the Sarcastathon 3000 retrospective of Daria episodes. (More on National Nut Day here. More on where this post's title came from here.)

Psychologist, futurologist, dolphinologist, author, and LSD guru Timothy Leary, for whom Willow and Coyote's three sequential dogs were named, was born this day 89 years ago. Awesome actor Jeff Goldblum was born today 57 years ago.

Got caught napping while a busload of new fanfiction rolled into town...

  • Finn Morgendorffer 9: Legends and Losers, by HolyGrail2007 (Parts 1, 2, and 3): All four guys stood on the field for an extended moment, clearly lost in their own thoughts. Finn’s brow furrowed when he received the news from Coach Gibson. So... he died, Finn thought.
  • Invisible Love, by Charliefox2012 (Parts 5 and 6): “So,” Quinn said with a smile, scrutinizing Duncan. He looked at her confused. “What?” “How was your date with Jane?” Quinn asked smirking. (
  • John Lane 43: We're on a Mission, by Richard Lobinske (Part 2): "Lucky bastard." "Very lucky." "That's not what I meant. I have to endure and entire day of mother/daughter bonding and you get to stay at home, ignoring Dad while he watches football."
  • Regifted, by Ajar (Part 20): “Now, we need to get ready for class. Remember, we need to be close to each other continuously. That includes your shower.”
  • Two Halves 5: Mall Rat Blues, by Dark Kuno (Part 1): “Good grief,” stated Jane as she closed the front door of her house behind her. “I’m not the biggest fan of air-headed perky model types but that was pretty bad, even for an air-headed perky model type.”
  • Unnamed story (Halloween IC: The Mist), by Disco316 (COMPLETE!): "What's that mist coming our way?" "Oh God! Let's get out of here!"
  • Unnamed story (New Jane shipper fic - untitled), by Coonassblondie (Part 1): Jane sighed again as she habitually glanced at the bed where her best friend, Daria Morgendorffer, would normally lie, reading a book while Jane painted. Jane caught another unspoken comment and swallowed it past the lump that was forming in her throat.
  • Unnamed story (TMI+20: Lawndale after Three Mile Island goes BOOM!), by TAG (COMPLETE!): "Brittany and Kevin, creators of a new generation of humanity. This is their story."

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