Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saints Preserve Us!

Saint Daria? Yes, indeed. Today is the Roman Catholic feast day for St. Daria, though the Orthodox feast day for her is on March 19. Saint Daria was said to be "supremely modest." Hmmm, is that our Daria? Pagans were supposed to have proclaimed of the saint, "Daria is a goddess!" Like, duh, we knew that. Interesting that St. Daria started off as a priestess of Athena, goddess of wisdom. Double hmmm.

Twelve years ago, curiosity got the best of one fanfic Daria. The rest was history. Bizarre history. Still thinking about a sequel to that.

The awesome supersite Glitter Berries was last updated two years ago today. *sigh* Still metric tons of good stuff to see there, especially art. Thank you, Kem!

Stay tooned.

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Pinhead said...

"Daria is a goddess!"
Blasphemy! Daria is a Goddess!