Friday, October 30, 2009

A Mischevious Night

Daria's Sick, Sad Life Planner memorializes this day's "War of the Worlds" special broadcast only 71 years ago by Orson Welles and company, which convinced many gullible people that Martians had invaded Grover's Mill, New Jersey. While most listeners were thankful that the "New Jersey problem" was finally being taken care of, they were later horrified and depressed to discover that New Jersey had not been destroyed by aliens.

By the way, did you ever notice the similarity between Grover's Mill and Grove Hills? Coincidence? I think not. Fanfiction, people! We need more fanfiction on this issue!

The younger and more evil sister of Halloween, per one source, is Devil's Night, whose night is also tonight. (Her good side is known as Mischief Night.) Definitely not a "holiday" to encourage. Anyone know of other "non-holidays" that would make good truants at Holiday Island High? Good fodder for future fanfics.

Tsar Bomba, the biggest H-bomb in all history, was detonated this day 48 years ago, which pretty much killed everyone's enthusiasm for having a real atomic war. Except maybe for Mr. DeMartino. Cool video, though. Any invading aliens will receive a little surprise there, won't they?

Pinhead is creating Daria images again. A reflective and somewhat unclothed Daria graces the web at PPMB.

Two new Iron Chefs by Greystar are online at PPMB and attracting attention. See Iron Chef: Lawndale High School Basement and Iron Chef: 2012.

Blogging woes: It seems I've created too many Labels for this blog and have to cut back to 2,000. I'm trimming the stupid ones (most of mine) and should have the problem back under control soon. You won't notice the difference.

Halloween Stuff: Included with this post are some cool costume suggestions from Daria and Beavis and Butt-head for those of you going trick-or-treating. See what works best for you.

Moar l8r!

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