Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Remember your old room at home?

At right is a very nice reproduction of Daria's bedroom in Lawndale, borrowed from the Daria's Inferno computer game. Click on it to get the larger size. Take a look at it for a moment. If this had been your bedroom, what else would be present? What would not be there? How would you fix the room up differently? Does Daria's room pass the reminiscence test to actually look like the room of a disaffected sixteen-year-old girl? In other words, did MTV get it right? Put your opinions in Comments. I'm curious about this one. (Just remember the fourth wall, which has her bookshelves, computer, and desk.)

Conservative commentator and Daria fan Michelle Malkin turns 39 today. For details, see here. And the first part of a certain fanfic, "Mystik Spiral's Lonely Lawndale Band," began eight years ago this day.


Pinhead said...

"If this had been your bedroom, what else would be present? What would not be there?"
Daria would be present, other things does not matter at all!

ninetwelve said...

Well, they fixed this in later episodes.... but there's a curious lack of a BOOK SHELF!

When computers became as common as coffee makers they added one, which I thought was reasonable.

What wouldn't be there when I was a teenager? Well .... for starts a girl.

undefinedlust said...

Malkin is a Daria fan? Who does she root for? The members of the Sloane family who would look down on Daria????

The Bug Guy said...

There is certainly a lot more room than anyplace I had.

Pinhead said...

How many this blog cost?



The Angst Guy said...


Hey, I'm above the 6 million mark for ranking! Cool! And I have 780 links in the blog. But DFB2 has not been "online since July 31st, 2000."

Over $8,400. Wow. With that kind of money, I could... I could...

...be broke.

The Angst Guy said...



Pinhead said...

Try www.google.com. You will feel power!

medea42 said...

If it were my room from high school?

Obviously, bookshelves on every wall. An electronic typewriter with auto-correct keys on the desk. A diary, somewhere (yes, I was one of those.) On the wall I would have had pictures of old cars - I was fascinated with Dusenburgs at the time - and I would have all sorts of "Yay, environment!" stuff tacked to the walls taken from National Geographic. And probably a Seventeen magazine sticking out from under the bed.

I was a nerd. Is anyone really surprised by that?