Saturday, October 24, 2009

Awash in Snerkiness

Saw an online article that said Daria's Inferno shipped exactly nine years ago today. Also read Wraith's Ramblings for exactly the same date about "See Jane Run." Good times, good essay.

More importantly, I saw a question that was asked of Yahoo! Answers, and perhaps it will be of interest to you. [snerk]

Guess Daria didn't think that was funny.

But I did. And now it's time for the

  • NEW! Align Your Books Precisely on the Shelf, Go Out in the Streets, by Wraith (COMPLETE!): “My alarm didn't go off. Didn't even have time to eat." "Not a very original excuse." "But it has the virtue of being more believable than being abducted by aliens, even if that really was what happened." [a Daria/Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei crossover]
  • NEW! Grandma's Memories, by GlitterShrooms (COMPLETE!): [Eye bleach warning! Brain bleach warning! Aaaaugh!!!]
  • NEWEST OF ALL! The Melancholy of Daria Morgendorffer, by Wraith (Part 1): "Class, today we have a new student joining us. Why don't you introduce yourself?" "My name is Daria Morgendorffer. I'm not interested in normal humans. If you're an alien, an esper, a time traveler, or a slider, come to my side."
  • NEW! Rainbow Disconnection, by Disco316 (Part 5): "I just wish guys were as easy to understand as girls.” “Jane,” said Daria, “I’m sure every guy in the world would disagree with you.” [Most Excellent SSW Spot: “These men went to Indiana University to get an education, but they spent too much time on extracurricular activities! The Hoosier daddies: next on Sick, Sad World!”]
  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Have: Hump Day), by Disco316 (COMPLETE!): "Hey, Kevin?" "Hey, Daria. What's up? "I want to give you a hump." "Well, Daria, I mean that's cool with me, but don't you have that Tom guy for that?"
  • EVEN NEWER THAN NEWEST! Unnamed story (Three-peat! New Ideas Thread Wins Again!), by Lorenzo Sauchelli (COMPLETE!): The old man raised an eyebrow. "Really? Don't remember? Hurricane obliterating your town doesn't ring a bell?"


Disco316 said...

Meg Griffin? Really?

Now Mila Kunis, who voices Meg, on the other hand, that could bring a smile to Daria's face.

Anonymous said...

that'd bring a smile to a few more faces than just Daria going by the loyal following on the slash fics

The Angst Guy said...

Has anyone seen Glenn Eichler's book yet? That's a weird one.

Ranchoth said...

"Annoyed Daria" looks like "One" from the movie 9.

I'm sure being compared to Christopher Plummer wouldn't make her day, either.