Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gettin' Dizzy!

On the left, Mack Mackenzie poses as bebop jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie. (I thought that bent trumpet looked familiar.) Today is the 92nd anniversary of Dizzy's birthday. A sample of his greatness can be found here.

This is also the 176th birthday anniversary of Alfred Nobel, creator of both dynamite and the Nobel Prize, about which you may have lately heard a great deal.

Today is Apple Day. Nothing to do with computers, though.

The very first Daria VHS compilation came out 12 years ago today (upper right). And now everything's DVDs or digital nonexistent.

On this date 42 years ago, someone claimed to have seen and filmed Bigfoot (lower right). Only it wasn't. It was a friend dressed as Bigfoot, and pictures of the friend in Bigfoot costume surfaced later. Oh, well. Daria once went to a Bigfoot convention. Why no fanfic about this event? What if she knew Bigfoot personally? What if they "were an item"? What if... wink wink nudge nudge... they were pen pals?

What if you tried to draw people but they always came out looking like you? A cute blog post by someone you should remember and revere.

Pinkminx is working on a Jane portrait, and here is Jane's face. OMG. That's some serious mojo at work there. Stay tooned, moar 2 b adedd.


pashupati said...

Weren't there a letter from her to Big Foot in the Daria Diary or whatever it is called?

The Angst Guy said...

In her diary for October 20th, in The Daria Diaries, she wrote: "Mail form to reserve place at Bigfoot convention."