Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Stats: Where the Fans Really Are

Some readers are aware that I have an Internet site used for storing images, fanfiction, sound files, and occasionally webpages. Nearly everything on the "" site (, which has no front page) is related to Daria. Using a nifty program called Awstats, I can find out a lot about who clicks into, such as where they are clicking in from. The table showing the national origin of visitors for the year 2009 (to date) is just above. Click on it for the full-size image. For the sake of conversation, let's take a look at it for a few moments.

It is no surprise that most of those who view or listen to something from are from the U.S.A. However, if you thought the next few slots would be filled with nations once a part of the British Empire, you are wrong. Enormous numbers of visitors come from Russia and China. Canada, Australia, and Great Britain are next, to be sure, but lo! there's the rest of Europe, Mexico, and Argentina. I've never seen numbers like these before. The worldwide spread of Daria fandom has caught me off-guard as well.

Thoughts? Discussion? Comments from those in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere?

I'll have more statistics later. Just wanted to get some chitchat started about where the Daria fans really are, and what they really like.


Pinhead said...

I think, from Russia the people have more. At us many wander on the Internet through a proxy.
And in general, the Goddess is eternally live, long live her adherents! :))

Anonymous said...

On the China statistics, one thing strikes me as strange: why is the hits to bandwith ratio so out of whack compared to the other countries?

Disco316 said...

Could be the programs the PRC is running to police internet access eating up the bandwidth. Just a theory, since I don't know much about their situation.

Melissa said...

I think the reason Mexico has such a high number is due to me; I come in everyday to see what's the scoop. xD Ok, I'm sure I'm not the only Mexican viewing this blog but lots of us love Daria plain and simple.

Personally I saw the show translated into Spanish and this might come as a shocker to many of you, but it actually sounds good in our native language. Hence the reason why we prefer to watch the episodes in Spanish rather than English, although I've seen them in their original language and they sound pretty cool. (y)

If someone has any interest, I can send a link to a Spanish-speaking episode.

Keep up the good work!