Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Day That Will Bring Out the Animal in You!

Yes, today is World Animal Day, and who knows what that kid looks like at Holiday Island High. Any guesses?

What else happened . . . the Space Age is officially 51 years old today, thanks to the Russians. (Is there a Holiday Island High teen called Sputnik Day?)

Alicia Silverstone was born 32 years ago today, she who helped get Braceface off the ground. (You knew there had to be an animated-show twist somewhere.) To date, no Daria/ Braceface fanfic has been written, that I know of, though there was one guy who tried.

Oh, and today is the anniversary air date of a special Beavis and Butt-head episode, but more on that later.


E. A. Smith said...

Looking at the list of new entries on the Dariawiki, I have to ask: Are there any non-superhero Dariafics being written anymore?

Anonymous said...

BG here.

It's just a phase, like angst, shipping and Evil T(h)om fics. Besides, Legendeld's just finished up a nice fic with a new Lane sister, CINCGREEN's doing 'Data Dump', which fits your parameters, and even in the Ringbearer tales, the majority of the fics I've done have been reasonably down-to-Earth and driven by the characters, not the powers. (Read 'Michael' and 'A Honey of a Deal' for examples.)

The Angst Guy said...