Tuesday, October 21, 2008

LA-la Land

This was an interesting webpage. While tramping through the vintage where archive.org was stored, I rediscovered part of Michelle Klein-Hass's old msgeek.com website, and stopped at this page, which is the introduction to a story series she wrote. This was written before "Lane Miserables" aired, so you see how things evolved without further knowledge of what was planned for the Lanes. Very interesting take on the Lane family's history, current wealth, members, and location (for Lawndale). Thought you might like to see this.

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E. A. Smith said...

Shippiness aside, I always enjoyed "Trent's Adventures in La-La Land". It was a great portrayal of how Trent could become disillusioned with the music industry (even though her version of Trent is much more active and intelligent than that of the show). Plus, any fic that references Rush (the band, not Limbaugh) can't be all bad.