Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guess What I Just Got in the Mail?

You know, it isn't very often that you get to lay eyes on new Daria art that also happens to be official. Thanks to awesome fan Medea42, who deserves your praise and adulation, I now have a copy of Daria's Sick, Sad Life Planner. And it has a lot of art that probably 99% of all Daria fans haven't seen, even though the CD-Rom was released in 1999.

This blog, which dove into the Internet Archives to bring you lost art and screenshots from as far back as the dawn of Daria, which explored Daria's one instance of actual murderous intent, which revealed the truth behind Amy Barksdale's boob-reduction job, which proved to the world that "I Loathe a Parade" contained subliminal images of penguin snuff porn, will now part the curtains of time once again and bring you (over the next few days or weeks) images of Daria art that may as well be brand new.

Hope you enjoy it.


The Angst Guy said...

In case you're interested, SFB2 is also famous for investigating Sandi Griffin's family tree, Radio Daria, Splendora's music, the many alien races of Daria, background characters (especially Bob), the oldest known MTV Daria webpage, the incredible powers of Trike Girl, Dead Stacy Rowe Day, and that excellent picture of Jake riding Helen the Ponygirl, which will appear again soon when you least expect it and are eating something while reading the computer monitor. I love this fandom.

Mandy said...

How did you get the Sick, Sad Life Planner???

Anonymous said...

would you be so kind and email me it?
i would be grateful! i am looking for it for ages!

Cinthya Blasquez said...

me too please!!!!!!!!!!!!!