Thursday, October 23, 2008

Juggling Things

Odds and ends...

The image of Jodie at right is one of a surprising number of circus-type alter egos at the MTV website. The artists must have played around with a theme there.

Dr. Mike wants some feedback about what should be done with a domain he has: (Belgium). Anyone have ideas? Post to his blog at the link.

On PPMB, Legendeld brought up a curious trial going on in Britain about a man being charged with writing obscenity, when he wrote a real-person fanfic (with some sex in it, I would guess). Interesting. Wouldn't hurt to follow that news.

A woman in Japan was also arrested for "killing" a fictional character, and you will have to read the whole story to understand what went on. I believe she was really arrested for illegal computer use (hacking), but there will be more on that story, I am sure. Can we be imprisoned for killing imaginary people? That trial in Britain makes me wonder. Oh, what the heck. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

Oh, and I saw that today is like the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Smurfs. I... don't think we need to celebrate that, although there have been Daria/Smurf crossovers. Pass.

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Anonymous said...

If we can be arrested for killing fictional people, TAG, you better flee to a non-extradition treaty country before the Feds pound down your door.

Also, I don't think that 'real people' fic is...very wise to write, at all. Excluding prominent historical and *maybe* contemporary political figures (given a certain context), you're just opening yourself up to all sorts of lawsuits from the person in question.

(That's just my personal feelings on the matter, anyway).