Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Like Peas in a Pod

I wasn't sure I would ever have a use for this alter ago, but today was the key: it's World Vegetarian Day! Hooray! I am going to have a hamburger to celebrate that.

October is interesting because a lot of fanfics apparently take place this month. They include:

* "All My Children" (Chapter 6), by Thea Zara and Deref
* "Community Disservice," by Mike Yamiolkoski
* "Dark Horizon," by Nemo Blank
* "Scarlett" (Chapter 1, the mouse's rescue)
* "Something for You," by Richard Lobinske

There are more, but that will do. Daria also had a story published in October nine years ago in Richard Lobinske's "Nineteen in Ninety-Nine."

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jtranser said...

I celebrated with a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon. For dinner, I'll have a barbecued beef brisket sandwich and for supper, sirloin steak, cooked rare, with fries. Hey, I did get the potato in there...