Friday, October 17, 2008

Good As Gold

Glenn Eichler, shown here as he would appear if he were a character on Daria (which he was), received a congratulations e-mail from many Daria fans for winning an Emmy recently for his work on Colbert's show. Details are here. Check out S.C.'s picture of Daria with an Emmy!) Mr. Eichler was kind enough to write back and thank everyone, and that pretty much makes our day.

Thank you, Kara Wild, for making this possible!

On top of this, guess whose birthday it is today? Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butt-head and thus the pre-creator of Daria (I think that's right, because Glenn Eichler actually created her, if I recall correctly) is 46 today. Thank you!

One of Daria's brief appearances in the media a decade ago is highlighted here on Outpost Daria. Very cute. Thank God no one ever tried that when I was substitute teaching.

Richard Lobinske's "Daria Went Down to Georgia" took place in November (to correct an earlier mistake here), but October 17th, ten years ago, was the day a close friend of Karen Myerson passed away (Laura Austin), per the story.

Some fairly outrageous additions have been made to Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Have-Who's Holding Daria Now?

Legendeld has updated his blog with some fanfic notes.

The most recent entry on DariaWiki concerns SMART Field Generators. (Thanks, Brother Grimace.)

A huge amount of new fanfiction is being written now, but I will have to update this weekend instead of tonight. Ciao.


Charlie said...

I thought "Daria Went Down to Georgia" was during Thanksgiving?

The Angst Guy said...

Oops. Got something wrong there. Thanks, will fix it.

Kara said...

You don't need to thank me, TAG. I was just the messenger. Someone (or someones) else came up with the idea for the congrats and the IICY Daria holding an Emmy, and I just offered to send it. I'm glad he appreciated our congratulations to the extent that he did.