Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are You in the Amy Army?

Rita Pietropinto Kitt, who voiced the snarky aunt Amy Barksdale on Daria, was married on this day eight years ago. She actually has an address for fan mail, so if you want to send her our regards, please do. (Amy Barksdale was married on September 8, 2001, of course.)

According to some mythologies, today is National Chocolate Day, but there seem to be quite a few of them. What the heck, celebrate anyway. Pig out.

This date figures in two different fanfics: Mystik Slacker's "The Journal of Daria Morgendorffer," and Sam Lincoln's "The Space Between." Check 'em out. LATE NOTE: Also a good time to read "Bump in the Night." (sorry, Richard!)

Bill Gates was born today only 53 years ago. I'm older than he is. Huh. How come he's rich and I'm not? Where's my sixty trillion bazillion dollars? Jeez. I use Windows because people who use Linux and Macs are chocolate-hating terrorists from the center of the Earth.

The oldest institution of higher learning in the New World was founded in the Dominican Republic 470 years ago on this day. Daria would like to know that.

And the Alaskan-Canadian Highway was completed on this day 66 years ago. In theory you can drive from Alaska to Argentina now, which I am sure Daria, the driving wus, would never do.

Latest addition to DariaWiki: Lilian Kressley. Thank you, Brother Grimace.

SPECIAL NOTE: It's not too late to do a fanfic for this thread! Hurry up!


Ousizch said...

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the bug guy said...

Today's date figures prominently in a third fanfic, "Bump in the Night."

Celebrate with some fresh fish.


The Angst Guy said...

I have that story on tap for Friday! Plus others. Couldn't sleep last night and set up Halloween posts.